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    Many bipods are noisy and heavy and do not adapt well to uneven ground and various rifles and are difficult to carry while hunting on demanding physical terrain. The Javelin bipod solves all of these issues; it is a quiet, compact, lightweight device made from the highest quality construction material. It has exploded in sales in the UK and is rapidly garnering international recognition. Our company will capitalize on the recent success abroad and will help make the Javelin bipod a household name and a hunting necessity in the US.


    • The product is an ultra lightweight, carbon-fibre bipod. 

    • Magnetic adapter which allows for the bipod to be attached/removed from the rifle quickly and easily.

    • Quality construction.

    • Compact, can easily fit in a hunter’s pocket. Has legs that can extend.

    • Quiet device, nothing to click or catch that will disturb your game.

    • Adaptable to many different rifles.