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    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our page. We are Nathan and Tegan 
    Sherwood and we want to share with you our passion and dedication to the sporting goods 
    It takes a lot to prepare for a hunt. Having been involved in the industry for nearly 20 years, we 
    have a real feel for what works and what doesn’t. We have spent hours in research and 
    discussion comparing weight, construction and practicality with all of the products we sell.
    Having recently fulfilled a lifelong goal of hunting Dall sheep in Canada, we have become 
    incredibly enthusiastic about lightweight products, more importantly, how products such as the 
    Javelin bipod can make a challenging hunt more enjoyable. We have limited our product 
    selection to only reflect items which we are truly passionate about. 
    Please feel free to shop around and join us as we continue to expand our products and explore 
    the world of ultralite hunting.
    Nathan & Tegan Sherwood